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One of the few books (outside of The Great Gatsby) from my education that I actually found worth reading multiple times

"The Razor’s Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham movie adaptation with Tyrone Power & Gene Tierney 1946 Directed by Edmund Goulding

Arcin Sagdic The Razor's Edge Has a James Bond Villain Appeal #mensfashion

Sinister Espionage Editorials

Sinister Espionage Editorials : Arcin Sagdic The Razor's Edge

Lorraine Moller on Arthur Lydiard's Philosophy:  Being able to precisely gauge one's effort over time is an ability that is the hallmark of all great athletes. They can run the razor's edge, knowing how to pitch their effort and energy to extract the best from their bodies on any given day. Lydiard fostered this ability in all his runners by prescribing feeling-based training goals.

Principles, not formulas, are the keys to successful training

Zwilling Cronidur Tungsten Steel by J.A. Henckels. $69.99. Maintains the razor sharp edge of your knife between uses. Ergonomic handle made of black linen micarta. Stain resistant. Corrosion resistant. Do not use on serrated knives. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cronidur is crafted from Cronidur 30 steel which gives this line its name. Cronidur 30 is extremely hard with a 60 Rockwell, durable and close to 100 times more corrosion resistant than common types of steel. The Zwilling ...

Zwilling Cronidur Tungsten Steel by J.

Wilderness on the Razor's Edge | Banff Centre

Wilderness on the Razor's Edge | Banff Centre

The Razor's Edge - Why even Christian teens aren't immune from the epidemic of self-mutilation—and what you can do.

Why Your Friend Needs Jesus: Tough Love and Evangelism- In our efforts to accept our non-Christian friends, are we being too "quiet" about the gospel?