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Tallulah's mother, Priscilla More

Originally, Hellena, Florinda, and Valeria went to the carnival dressed as gypsies. They told the men they would read their fortunes.

I wanted my grandfather to build me a gypsy caravan and set it up on the edge of the woods, near the stream, looking out over the pasture. I pictured something like this. I can still picture just how I wanted the interior decorated. Wouldn't it've made a beautiful play house for a little girl?

Fortune telling Cards. When Tarot and Fortune telling cards began to be sold in stores by people who manufactured games. These cards could only be sold if Game was in the title.

I manifest desire easily and naturally. “Without desires and dreams, your thoughts do not matter.” ― Stephen Richards |day 12 Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation experience

Palm reading is something so ancient and interesting. I came upon it by accident one time and ever since then I have been hooked. It is so important to me because I like being able to know what is headed my way, I also like to use it to make some of my decisions for life. It reverts back to what I was saying about everything happens for a reason. There is such thing as destiny and palm reading gets me one step Closer to uncovering mine. It is important to our culture because everyone…

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Fortune Teller - 5 Postcard Set

fortune teller sign

Era costumbre gitana que las mujeres 'echaran la buenaventura' a los payos, leyéndole las manos.

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Firma Gypsy Globales

Gypsy: Gypsy with bandana and gold jewelry, by Remzi Taşkıran.