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PAIRING FRUITS + HERBS⁑ 1) basil: peaches, apricot, blueberries, figs & plums. 2) thyme: peaches, cherries, honeydew & figs. 3) mint: citrus, stone fruits, melons & berries. 4) cilantro: cantaloupe, mangoes & honeydew. 5) lemon verbena: lemon, blueberries & raspberries.

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How to Pit Cherries without a Cherry Pitter

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How to Pit Cherries, Freeze Cherries

If you're looking for an easy way to tackle the big job of pitting a lot of cherries for a recipe, grab a paper clip.

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How to Pit Cherries without a Cherry Pitter

My favorite cherry pitter of all time! It makes it so quick and easy to pit cherries!

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No Cherry Pitter? Use a Pastry Tip — Tips from

No cherry - pitter? Use a cake icing tip. I just tried this and it saved me a gob of time. Making fantastic cherry almond scones with fresh summer cherries! -Renee Adams

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How to Choose Ripe Cherries

Cherries are one of the few food sources of melatonin, the sleep hormone that regulates your internal clock. Recent studies found that volunteers who ate cherries or drank tart cherry juice before bed fell asleep sooner and slept better and longer.

Chokecherry Jelly Recipe - 5lbs 10oz berries boiled 5 cups H2O yielded 7 3/4cups of juice (mashed, and strained and hand squeezed) - Boiled with 12 cups of granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 5 pouches of Certo. - Yields 28 mini jars.