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elf on the shelf

How to completely freak out your kids… A human Elf On A Shelf. This would be fantastic if you could find a someone the kids had never seen before. Just wake up… And find a random person in an elf costume sitting on your mantle…hilarious.

This made me laugh so hard! Probably because I have fallen down the stairs at least 20 times in my life.a couple of those times was actually walking UP the stairs.

Yes, we are angels!

This sounds about right for me.

Wine Cork Crafts ... As soon as I can start drinking again ;) ;) @Rosa Hans Hans Hans Hans Hans Hans Camacho

Laughing cause I just pinned some cork craft ideas, and thought.gee, someone would need to drink a LOT of wine for that!

i suspect my husband drew this.

Hahaha, this is me. I really need to stop jumping to the worst conclusions all the time. Until then, I'll just call it a superpower and put on a cape.

Don't Stop....I almost spit my coffee...hilarious!

I laugh so hard at this one. It's my favorite Journey song, and I love Peanuts. Two of the best things in life together.

More COWBELL! ;)

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL! You just can't help but laugh at this SNL sketch! every time you hear cow bell in a song, you're gonna giggle to yourself!

We all have that one smart-ass friend...

there are so many smart ass friends of mine. more like there's one non-smart ass friend but they eventually get there.

A collection of 20 great crafty quote images to share! (Great to print and frame to decorate your craft room or to inspire a friend!)

Crafting: Eventually all the glue and paint really does go to your brain.