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Watercolour eye

How to paint a realistic eye with watercolor! There is a lot to learn here but it is also just fun to watch. And it would be neat to record my own painting process just to see what I do that I don't notice I'm doing.

Drawing tutorials by Banphrionsa

Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART - I always have trouble drawing hands

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눈의 흐름을 돕는 수평라인, 눈을 막아주는 수직라인

눈의 흐름을 돕는 수평라인, 눈을 막아주는 수직라인


Oh, this is a character from a Chinese anime I love, ah always loved her, her outfit to. It's so pretty, a bit too revealing though.


Anonymous said: I wonder if you can help me drawing an umbrella? I'm sorry if it's too much >_ Answer: us e a proper circle tool or your umbrella will be lopsided like mine LOL here’s a ref of.

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Taking an interesting element and developing garments for different markets. Today we focus on embroidery.