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We love the creativity and humor of Hot Shots Hot Sauce labels!

Area 51 The Hot Sauce That Doesn't Exist is a great gift for UFO conspiracy theorists, Roswell or Men In Black fans & anyone who's into aliens and enjoys zesty hot sauce. Medium-hot with fiery habanero flavor, this all-purpose hot sauce tastes great & will spice up any savory meal. Buy on sale for only $5.45 here:

Designers bridging the gap between fashion and wine. It doesn't seem surprising that fashion and wine might go hand and hand (especially at a Fashion Week event), but more recently, it seems the two t...

Student Spotlight: Strange Fruit

Samantha Salzano, student work. How fun! Love this. It looks like it belongs in the make-up aisle, but why not to package dry fruit? So fun and engaging -- a great way to make fruits or vegetables a fun experience for children...or adults.