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Don't Let Her Think Like This

WoW! So true and Amen! This picture brings tears to my eyes. I want my girls to know the only weight they should worry about is the weight on their shoulders then teach them how to have BIG shoulders!

I carry this idea that family isnt allows blood related because in the past 4 years I had a really rough time when my dad and mom got divorced and my dad compeley left. He was one of my closest blood realtives and he let me down. That was and still is hard so when people say family is everything to me that means the people who are always there no matter what. Those memories surrounding family both painful and happy are what i carry with me day to day.

30 Creative Ways Couples Have Announced Their Pregnancy

Helpful post on how we are often motivated by the wrong things.... "Empower others to do the job you think you do best. Be willing to promote others, to showcase others, to highlight someone else's talent."

Why is it that when you were cheating with my husband everything we shared at home was a lie, yet now that he's at your home everything you share isn't! Don't be so naive I knew what I was saying then just like I know what I'm saying now.