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"Making Music Praying Twice is unique in that it is “faith inclusive” for the Catholic child. We recognize faith as an important and, in fact, central aspect of life. If a child participates in a music program designed to reach the elements of her daily life, the music of her faith must be addressed."

from Real Life at Home

Faith Formation Through Art Appreciation Activities

Helping children to appreciate real art work while encouraging their faith as well, all with the aid of some Dollar Store religious stickers and some invented games.

IN STOCK!! The Lil' Prayer Buddy Lion recites the Angel of God Bedtime Prayer with the push of a paw! Get it here:

IN STOCK!!! The Lil' Prayer Buddy Dove says an original peace prayer and recites Matthew 5:9 with a push of a wing! Get it here:

IN STOCK!! The Lil' Prayer Buddy Sea Turtle recites 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 with the push of a flipper! Get it here: