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Half Of Americans Think Facebook Is A Passing Fad

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PinView Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into a Pinterest Board

PinView, a new Facebook app, displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and pages as small panels, just like Pinterest. Bonus: 7 Useful Pinterest Tools to Supercharge Your Pinfluence

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Educator Suspended When She Refused to Show Her Facebook Profile

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Facebook revealing the personal data it collects, won't spare your drunk-poking blushes

Facebook's massively expanding its Download Your Information service into an all-encompassing archive of the data Mr. Zuckerberg collects about your daily dose...


Facebook users can now share organ donor status

Social network Facebook is allowing its 900 million users to share their organ donor status in an effort to spread awareness.

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Foursquare revokes location API for 'Girls Around Me' app

"The Windows Phone by HTC was recently announced in New York city. We were humbled by the excitement around the design and colors of the phones with the new Windows Phone 8 OS by Microsoft. Check out the initial thoughts by The Verge in this webisode

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Email widget takes on viral rumors, fact checks for you

If you're one of those people who actually believes that Facebook is going to start charging users tomorrow, you're probably going to want to skip this post....