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Explore Indian Politics, Global Politics and more! American Indian Politics and the American Political System (Spectrum Series: Race and Ethnicity in National and Global Politics)...

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - this recounting of history is unfortunately true and it deeply affected me for a long time after reading it.

The engaging untold stories of fifteen prominent same-sex couples who defied cultural norms and made significant contributions to American history.

I Shall Faint: 'Unmentionable' Unpacks Victorian Womanhood

Therese Oneill's new Unmentionable is a snarkily informal history of the difficulty of being a woman in the Victorian Era, hemmed in from head to toe with countless rules about dress and manners.

The Color of the Land: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Land Ownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929.(Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2010).

Children Left Behind: The Dark Legacy of Indian Mission Boarding Schools by Tim Giago Describing almost inexpressible cruelties and triumphs, Giago pulls us into the boarding school experience. He challenges Indian Country to co-exist with the truth of what actually happened at these schools. Only then can we heal and avoid acquiescence to a system that has crushed so many souls.