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So true!!

Why can't the department stores let us enjoy each holiday like we used to? They've turned it into one big "Merry Hallowthanksmas!

And every other spray men use!

A guy I work with sprays Axe Body Spray all over himself after every break to "cover up" the smell of cigarette smoke. He continues to smell like smoke and now also smells of nasty Axe Body Spray. It gives me headaches.


My husband just told me after I read this to him that if you're as a suave as he is you don't need to do those things :P lol! Those are some of the best ways for a man to turn his wife on!

Jessica Simpson...Megan Fox...Manny Pacquio...Kim Kardashian just to name a few!

Yes! Like the Freaking Kardashians.That Stupid Honey Boo Boo thing & every other dumb idiot who gets their own reality TV Show.Reality TV is the downfall of the American Society People! Don't give in!

I may be crazy but all the best people are

Everyone is "Crazy" a little differently wired, especially if your unique or you beat to your own drum.