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If it’s not worth your effort it most certainly isn’t worth someone else’s. I’m just sayin’.

On one of my other posters a fan had commented that it’s hard for her to stick up for herself. This post is for anyone who has trouble sticking up for themselves. Once you realize your worth it’s the first step in being able to stand up for yourself.

I’m just sayin’. Woof! -Kensy, The Dog Woofisms: Woofs of Wisdom©, because we all know the best advice comes from the dog.

This heart shaped, sterling silver necklace is part of our Woofisms: Woofs of Wisdom© line designed to inspire the wearer. Inscribed on the pendant is a quote from our resident rescue Kensy, “It’s not the size of your paw that matters, but the size of the paw print you leave behind.” After all, we know the best advice comes from the family dog.