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A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic #Animal #Cats #Pets

A Cavalcade of Cats! #Infographic

A Cavalcade of Cats: the many breeds of cats, their origins, and quick cat facts – Land of Maps

Kitty with claws

Here kitty kitty. This is a black cat thing; raising the paw like this.

Known for being tolerant toward children and other pets. They are very intelligent, and enjoy climbing. They are not easily stressed, and adapt bet...

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NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT -Norwegian Forest Cats have long tails that are covered profusely in fur. The head is triangular in shape, and the facial expression is sweet. Their paws are large and round, and have heavy tufting between the toes.

Long Haired Cat Breeds #cute cat pictures #cats funny meme#cute cat names list#cat and kitten#cat photography

17 Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds Around the World

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat. READ AND ADOPT IMMEDIATELY!!!                                                                                                                                                      More

Reasons to Own a Black Cat Animal Bliss" - a problem if you have dark carpet and walk around at night. Not true (for me anyway). I've had mine 11 years and still haven't found love.


Which Animal Do You See Like?