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This is a picture from the Great Depression, I believe that its relative to our story not just because of the story itself, but because it accurately portrays the way of life for George and Lennie. Through the story, it talks about the desperation for jobs and how hard it is to get eve n a low paying one, these two men in the picture above I believe represent that struggle for economical security in their lives

Great Depression- Unemployment rates began to rise. Millions of people lost money in there savings accounts.

Family of migrant potato pickers in Tulelake, Siskiyou County, California. September 1939 Dorothea Lange.  Interesting to come across this picture since my family's homestead was also in the 30's in this area.

Family of migrant potato pickers in Tulelake, Siskiyou County, California. September 1939 Dorothea Lange Pinner says (and I agree! I love the smile on her face in spite of her circumstances.she is beautiful.

1930s Depression era kitchen | ... Homestead in Boise: Inspiring Depression Era Stories & Where We Are

Depression Era Kitchen - (photo taken between Government writers / photographers at the time were tasked with documenting the lives of destitute farmers.

How to Teach the Great Depression: Hands-on Ideas - http://susanevans.org/blog/the-great-depression-summary/

AA- This pin just offers ideas for how to involve students in the classroom on the Great Depression unit. The author offers games, worksheets, and discussion prompts for covering a unit on the Great Depression that we could use in our unit.

This interactive notebook covers THE GREAT DEPRESSION / NEW DEAL. It includes The stock market crash and the results, Herbert Hoover, FDR, New Deal, Dust Bowl, government help, Depression era entertainment...and more.

Student Project Students would construct an interactive notebook (similar to one above with modifications) on the great depression/new deal. The student will explain how the Great Depression and New Deal affected the lives of millions of Americans.

1930s Great  Depression, photo, black and white, living conditions after stock market crash, US, kids, desperation, poverty

Hooverville (tent cities) were set up during the Great Depression to house those displaced from their homes. Blame was put on President Hoover for the downfall of the economy in the

This was a rap song based on the Great Depression explaining the life without money or a job. #EconomicsVid

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