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This is a picture from the Great Depression, I believe that its relative to our story not just because of the story itself, but because it accurately portrays the way of life for George and Lennie. Through the story, it talks about the desperation for jobs and how hard it is to get eve n a low paying one, these two men in the picture above I believe represent that struggle for economical security in their lives

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Great Depression - Photo Analysis Centers Activity and Writing Assignment

Great Depression - Photo Analysis Centers Activity and Writing Assignment - This 17 page/slide Great Depression resource is a photo analysis that uses a "centers" activity format with five different photos/centers related to the Great Depression. This excellent resource includes five different and powerful photos related to life during the Great Depression that can be used in the five different centers for use in the classroom.

these photos are mesmerizing... In all the stories my 87yr. Papa J.C. has told me, this is what I imagine his childhood home looking like.

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Causes of the Great Depression: Common Core Research History Lesson

What were the major causes of the Great Depression? When the stock market crashed in October 1929, the debate about what actually caused the Great Depression was just beginning. Using sources written by economists and historians, students will examine three of the major underlying reasons for America's worst economic downturn.

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Letter from a Dust Bowl Survivor

A fantastic primary source document to help students better understand the effects of the Dust Bowl on Midwesterners. This vivid letter really makes the reader feel what the writer was going through and brings the Great Depression to life. It is also written at a level middle and high school students can easily understand.

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Great Depression - Webquest with Key (Questions for Overview)

Great Depression - Webquest with Key - This 8 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the basics of the Great Depression in America. It contains 22 questions from the website. Your students will learn about the history of the Great Depression in the United States. It covers all of the major people, themes and events of the Great Depression.

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Great Depression Life - Grandma and Grandpa Were Preppers

5 Lessons from Life in the Great Depression - Childhood stories from my mother pass on simple lessons that are still valuable today.

This picture reminds me alot of Slim from Of Mice and Men. Slim in the book seems like the rough loner dude, so I originally picture him as a rancher from the south west, tough, hardy, and solves his own problems.