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In this case, two halves really do make a whole! Fiskars Cuts+More work as a pair to get lots of jobs done!

With PowerGear2 tools, yard work is almost like therapy!

Fiskars Big Grip Cultivators were used to create this fun play on a recent summer blockbuster. Rawr.

T is for time spent doing the things you love. Happy Thanksgiving! What hobby are you most thankful for?

A is for being active in the yard you tend with care. Happy Thanksgiving! What yard tool are you thankful for?

N is for your nearest and dearest for whom you sew, craft and quilt. Happy Thanksgiving! What sewing tool are you most thankful for?

H is for happiness brought by warm weather, sunshine and a beautiful garden. Happy Thanksgiving! What garden tool are you most thankful for?

Repin if the turkey is the cen­terpiece of your thanksgiving meal.

Happy Halloween! Double tap if it’s one of your favorite holidays. Good luck to all those trick-or-treating ghosts and goblins.

Gobble gobble! Whether crafting décor, following Nana’s recipes, running in a turkey trot or just shar­ing time with family, Thanksgiving is full of traditions. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?