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Nuclear Power Is Not the Solution on Climate Change | Winning Progressive There are many steps we can take to avert climate change, but increased use of nuclear power should not be among them.

What’s in a Name? Part III: Liberal and Progressive - Not all liberals are progressive, and not all progressives are liberal. When we discuss politics, we must recognize and respect our differences

Syria, Saber-Rattling, and Diplomatic Solutions - Did the threat of military strikes get us to a possible diplomatic solution in Syria? If so, how does that impact the moral calculus around threatening military action?

Raise tax rate on highest income levels!

My Junk Insurance Policy Canceled? I Jumped For Joy - Joanne Boyer explains why she was elated when she learned that her existing health insurance would be cancelled and replaced under #ObamaCare

The Mean Progressive: Anchor Baby Agenda

Tired of right-wingers and teabaggers using words like "patriotic" and "freedom" as if they were the only ones entitled to use them, while they try to claim that liberals hate America? Description from I searched for this on

Dont Let This Disgraceful Congress Stop Much Needed Gun Safety Legislation | Winning Progressive - With the National Day to Demand Action on gun safety on March 28, the Political Pragmatic urges us all to take action, and has some choice words for those who don't.