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Atheists find out there is a God. The best thing to do while alive is to truly research Bible facts. John 3:16-17. Check out web site: Reasons to Believe, by astronomer Dr Hugh Ross.

Wish I had the guts to put this on our church's sidewalk sign. Probably offensive to atheists.

Church Sign Fails!  Even churches get it (very) wrong sometimes!

Cornerstone House Of Refuge Apostolic Church Pentecostal Assemblies Of The World Anal Convention - Thank You Lord!

19 Hilarious Church Signs That Prove That Churches Aren't as Boring as We Thought

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Funny church sign - do not criticize your wife's judgement - see whom she married.

Funny Church Sign

Funny Church Sign I love a real soul(God centered) and can see the people who are fake.(not with God) They brag,worry about how they look to others and puff themselves up cause inside they are empty. make up stuff cause the soul is ugly