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#flatfrancis visits GOD'S BANKERS

GOD'S BANKERS, hanging out with the prayer candles

God's Bankers Gerald Posner coming hear him talk about his new book!!!! God's Bankers!!

Hey, Gerald, your first Pirate commentary by 'Yer Cap'n' on God's Bankers http://www.pirate-news.com/…/gods-bankers-new-book-offers-…/

God's Bankers http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Bankers-History-Money-Vatican/dp/1416576576/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423490764&sr=8-1&keywords=gods+bankers

GODS BANKERS http://www.amazon.com/Gods-Bankers-History-Money-Vatican/dp/1416576576/?keywords=gods+bankers&qid=1423490764&ref=sr_1_1&ie=UTF8&sr=8-1

Gerald posner God's Bankers Buy it Now!!!!

John L Allen, Jr on GOD'S BANKERS

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