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Blue hair!)) Ari: i walk around the shop to find baby things. My brothers girlfriend was pregnant. I smile as i pick a few things off the shelf. I put them in my basket and carry on walking. It was late and barely anyone was around. I pay and put them in my car. I smile a little and close the boot. I turn and felt my body get pushed back, into the car.

Aww feels, such sweet feels

Elizabeth Howard Boleyn, Anne Boleyns mother. How much, Elizabeth I resembles her!

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural - mix them all together and you get something very, very dangerous.

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"Is that what you're calling yourself, Greg?" "That's his name!" "It is?" #sherlock you're so smart,but you're so dumb

If Steve Rogers loved Bucky Barnes any more than he already does, then...oh, wait, yeah, that's not possible.

"The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth." Jimmy Carter

Apache Brothers-circa 1888