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Having a hard time making new friends? Strap this simple device on your back and you are sure to make friends wherever you go!

golf cart trailers - Google Search

Convert a small trailer into a portable bar with seats, beer and wine on tap and pull it through your community with a golf cart and music saying "it is somewhere"

Man bun to the max!

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair - This is pure gold. I'm dying over hereeee. haha Mormon Prom makes me giggle

Bearpong.com.... great for parties, tailgating, weddings, concerts and more!

Lampert Lampert Stampp Another lawn sized party game! Maybe this one would be better than the garbage cans?

Super size!

The Backyard Version of Beer Pong - This looks like fun! Hopefully you don't actually have drink trash cans full of beer.

NEW Hitch Pole. A stripper pole for your truck. This may be the only thing more tacky than testicles hanging off of a trailer hitch.

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How funny.these could be my kids. My eldest is so overly concerned with the slightest possibility of our Elf on the Shelf getting touched by his baby sister! He's constantly running interference.

Vintage joke.................http://www.jokideo.com/

my name is Bond - James Bond / Sir Sean Connery * & in the Age of 69 The Sexiest Man of the Century