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Scratch Proof Screen... (thats an iPad)

For cat owners: 10 iPad Apps Just For Cats.Mama Mia loves an app we have on our Xoom.

App that shows how to do CPR

App that shows how to do CPR

Oh Ryan, You Always Say the Right Thing

Oh Ryan, You Always So the Right Thing

Usually, i couldn't care less about the "hey girl ryan gosling" things, but the fact that it was an actual husky.

Cute Only ones that could enjoy this more are 5yr olds if there was one in the right size!

Fuzzy Cat Bun, I need this for my kitty. she is scared of thunder and will crawl under the blanket

We at Animal Planet decided everyone could use a huge dose of cute to brighten up the day. We've partnered with our friends at the Washington Animal Rescue League to bring you daily kitten cuteness by way of this undeniably adorable live cam. So, kiss your productivity goodbye and watch the cuteness unfold.

Catch the cuteness on Kitten Cam! This live kitten cam is based at Washington Animal Rescue League.


Haha my dog gives me a similar impression by sending pathetic puppy dog eyes out the glass door/window that say "don't leave me here all alone, just take me with you.

This couldn't be more accurate.

This couldn't be more accurate.

Tell the story again... puh... lease....

Slow down. Tell us again . what did the bullie say?and where is he now?