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The Spiderman by *leotyler on deviantART

Some Spiderman redesigns/concepts. The Spiderman

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After the Batman Rockabilly serie, after the Avengers Fantasy, here is my new re-design "Spider-man Steampunk" soon I'll show you the villains too. Spider-Man Steampunk Re-Design


Cleaning up my desktop I found this unused sketch of Heretic from Batman: Bad Blood. I was going for the look of a Bat suit with the top layer peeled off to make it look like a human body without skin, exposing muscles and tendons. I still like the concep

OsCorp Spider-Man •Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri

Oscorp's Spider Suit by Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Spider-Man 2099

Futuristic Redesign Superhero Renderings - Yanni Davros Paints Comic Powerhouses Decades From Now (GALLERY) Spidey 2099 looks great!

The Spiderman by leotyler on @DeviantArt

Some Spiderman redesigns/concepts. Not radically different to the classic blue/red costume, but I always like the idea of dropping the blue out of the s. The Spiderman

What if spiderman had mjlnor

my ideas for 'mighty spider-man' for the fear itself event, as opposed to 'tron spider-man with lobster claw action' gotta put some fear into the hearts of your enemies --- edit: cleaner and i put .