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In long distance relationships you always miss one another - but there are certain moments when it just hits you like a sucker punch to the gut and it seems like the only thing that matters in the entire universe at that instant is being with the person that you adore.

Oh, my sexy, handsome Baby! I DO miss you so much! It kills my heart - I miss you so badly that I ache. Please come back to me soon!

At the end of the day is YOUR LIFE.

I gotta Always REMEMBER.It's my life, live it for me! Don't make my life decisions based upon Fear, Obligation or Guilt the (FOG) is the ultimate trap.

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unfortunately female INTJs are often seen as cynical 'b**ches', when we are actually only relating an uncomfortable truth.

Go Fuck Yourself. With class! << Well, it's not quite Shakespeare, but it's still amusing!

I had a board called "His hands..." but some reported me for my tasteful sexy pics and made my whole board get deleted. This is for you:  if any of my pins offend you then please unfollow me and fuck you!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I've got five fingers, the middle one is for you. - there are days when this applies to some people (ha.

If only someone heard the comments/views about performance that aren't/haven't been spoken. Crushed would be too light a word. Eeeewwww to max.

I offended you with my opinion? You should hear the one I keep to myself.

You have been warned

I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone elses blood and i have no problem with going out the same way.well ok

I really did

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I thought you already knew.

Nada más que decir

Haha story of my life! It's awesome! 'Once Upon a Time, Fuck You.

I don't like it when the exclude me. :p

Funny - I hate it when the voices in my head go silent. I never know wha those fuckers are planning.