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<p>Credits:</p><br /> <p><a href="../store/M3-October-2014-Main-Kit.html">Oct 2014 Mixed Media Monthly </a>Kit</p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Sketchbook-03-M3-Oct.html">Sketchbook 03</a> M3 Monthly Add On by Lynne-Marie</p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Build-a-Mess-2-M3-October.html">Build A Mess 2</a> by Quirky Heart</p><br /> <p> </p>

<p><a href="../store/M3-September-2014-Main-Kit.html">Mixed Media Monthly - September Main Kit</a></p><br /> <p>plus <a href="../store/Artsy-Bits-02-M3-Sept-add-on.html">Artsy Add Ons from Lynne-Marie</a></p>

<p>created with<a href="../shop/DIY-Mixed-Media-Toolkit-Vol-1-Bundle.html"> DIY Mixed Media Tool Kit Vol 1 | Bundle</a> by Dawn by Design; <a href="../shop/DIY-Mixed-Media-Toolkit-Vol-1-Bundle.html">All Laid Out vol 7 | Template</a> by Dawn by Design; <a href="../shop/No-Limits-Part-1.html">No Limits part 1</a> and <a href="../shop/No-Limits-Part-2.html">part 2</a> collab by the Pixels & Company designers; Typewriter_Condensed_demi font</p>

<p><a href="../forums/showthread.php/34945-JANUARY-4th-Clean-and-Simple?p=556310#post556310">January 4. Clean and Simple</a></p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Silver-Linings-Elements.html">Silver Linings Elements | by One Little Bird</a></p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Silver-Linings-Papers.html">Silver Linings Papers | by One Little Bird</a></p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Silver-Linings-Journaling-">Silver Linings Journaling Cards | by One Little Bird</a></p>

<p>This is my dd\'s portrait that I wanted to scrap the first time I saw the gorgeous <a class="product-title" href="../store/FOREVERJOY-SAKURA-PAGE-KIT.html">SAKURA Page Kit</a> by ForeverJoy Designs.</p><br /> <p>For the portrait itself I used the solid papers :</p><br /> <p><a class="product-title" href="../store/Mega-Solid-Paper-Pack-vol.-2.html">Mega Solid Paper Pack vol. 2</a> by Amy Wolff</p><br /> <p><a class="product-title"…

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Day 26 - 11"x14" paper print - Nizzar Qabbani quote nautical beach mixed media art

Day 26 11x14 paper print Nizzar Qabbani quote by maechevrette

<p><p>A page I did awhile ago, but love the kit by Sissy Sparrows.</p> <p> </p> <p>Beautifully Different Mini (Art Journaling) kit by Sissy Sparrows <br />Beautifully Different Painted Stackers by Sissy Sparrows</p> <p>Beautifully Different Alpha by Sissy Sparrows <br />Beautifully Different Word Art (Art Journaling) by Sissy Sparrows</p> <p>Kiss Me Brushes #1 by Paula Kesselring <br />Splish Splats #1 Brushes by Paula Kesselring <br />Painting Brushes #1 by Paula Kesselring</p></p>

MOC6 Recors / Speed Scrap - Coffee is perking