Soil Test. I bought a little soil test kit, did soil tests in different parts of the garden, amazing results that made me aware of the different needs within a garden space.

You can test your own soil! Take two separate cups and add your soil sample to each. In one add vinegar and the other add some water, stir and add baking soda. If nothing at all happens your soil is some what PH balanced.

Got Weeds? Use Vinegar... Need to remember this for when we own a home again.

Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar, ½ cup salt, Liquid dish soap (any brand), Empty spray bottle. Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar.

Seed Swap Lethbridge Soil Testing

Jar Testing for Soil Type - Ya’ know what makes me happy? I’m not talkin’ about crappy dirt on the side of the road, I’m talkin’ about real, dark, rich & moist dirt.

Love doing this kinda stuff. Its a perfect way to have a lil garden in a small apartment :)

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Permaculture Ideas: Foods that will Re-Grow from your Kitchen Scraps. Also read this article, 16 Foods that Re-Grow from kitchen scraps

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DIY Composting Guide: Thinking of starting a compost pile? Make sure you know what you should and should not compost. An easy summary to help you reuse waste in your garden. The Micro Gardener

Holy! Who would've thought I could grow my own pineapple?  I guess we'll see if it really works!

Going to try this again, last one just went soft and wouldnt root. ~Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant - ok, I can't lie. I thought pineapples grew on trees. My mind is blown & I want to grow a pineapple plant.

hqcreations:  I’m always concerned about the laundry lint and the newspapers… wouldn’t the possible chemicals on those compostables be bad for the soil?

Composting is easy with our DIY compost bin. Revamp your compost pile and get ideas for a composting toilet & compost tumbler, personalize your composter!

Plants that Naturally Repel Pests and other natural bug repellents.

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How to grow roses from clippings

Propagate Roses - Cut 8 to 9 inches of a long stem rose at angle. Remove spent blooms, leaves, or rose hips. Dip stem in cinnamon. Take a potato, remove any “eyes”. Cut it in half and bore a.

Everything you need to know to grow fresh, delicious strawberries in your home garden or patio

How to Grow Strawberries

tips! How to grow strawberries! Everything you need to know to grow fresh, delicious strawberries in your home garden or patio