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from Mail Online

Frantic pleas by Charles, an honour from Her Majesty and a question... Is 'Dame' Camilla now a step closer to becoming Queen?

An Old Woman ('The Ugly Duchess') about 1513, Quinten Massys. Theory I ''It was probably intended to satirise old women who try inappropriately to recreate their youth, rather than as a portrait of a specific person'' says the National Gallery. Theory II ''The research shows that she was suffering from an advanced form of Paget's disease'' according to Michael Baum, emeritus professor of surgery at UCL who, with his student Christopher Cook, investigated the portrait.

from the Guardian

So you think you’re ugly? Don’t worry – perceptions change

from The Independent

One is nipping to Tesco: Jubilant Jubilee royals as seen by Alison

A reflective moment on the throne for the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, as she sips a G&T in her underwear, still wearing her pearls and royal sash. An abandoned crown and sceptre lie at her feet in this spoof portrait by the artist Alison Jackson. - The Independent