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The Brachioradialis Trigger Point

Perry discusses the myofascial trigger point in the brachioradialis muscle of the forearm that causes elbow pain, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) an.

Massage Tutorial: Carpal tunnel syndrome (myofascial release) - YouTube

Got clients with tingling/numbness in the first few digits? We're probably dealing with compression of the median nerve. Even if they've had a formal diagnos.

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Your "carpal tunnel" pain in the wrist is actually coming from median nerve compression higher up in your arm. But your surgeon won't tell you that because they do not learn how to treat trigger points like chiropractors do, without scalpels.

getlinkyoutube.com-What are "muscle knots"? (for massage therapists and clients)

Download video: Massage Tutorial: Rotator cuff pain (myofascial release, frozen shoulder)

Gluteus Minimus | The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide

Related trigger point and referred pain diagrams for Posterior Leg (Calf) Pain. Relevant primary and secondary muscles are shown.

Pressure points

False diagnosis for carpeltunnel, tennis elbow, back problems, but it's really myofiacia trigger points! Learn how to release them and loose the pain like I did!

Understanding Trigger Points - Vague pain in the back of the shoulder and srm

Trigger Points – Vague pain in the back of the shoulder and arm

Client Description People usually complain of vague pain in the back of the shoulder and arm. This pain often occurs in passive postures where they are using

Thumb & Radial Hand Pain | The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide

Supinator trigger point diagram, pain patterns and related medical symptoms. The myofascial pain pattern has pain locations that are displayed in red and associated trigger points shown as Xs.

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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating

Trigger Point Therapy - The Growing Problem of "Little League" Elbow – Niel Asher Healthcare

Shoulder Pain Referral Patterns - Upper Torso

Gadi Kaufman provides personal and comprehensive pain relief treatments through a unique and proven nueromuscular therapy program.

▶ Pectoralis Major Pain and Trigger Points - YouTube

This video excerpt details the pectoralis major trigger points that contribute to chest pain, shoulder pain, mid-back pain, elbow pain, and hand pain.