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leather chain necklace

Eighteenth-Century Cottage In The Cotswolds

Needing a weekend escape from their busy lives and stressful careers in London, designer Caroline Holdaway and her photographer partner, Fatimah Namdar, relish the peace and quiet of their eighteenth-century cottage in the Cotswolds. Simon Brown A stone path leads through the front garden to the main entrance of the Cotswolds cottage. Simon Brown A …

Is this adorable dog with a high forehead the cutest puppy EVER? Twitter thinks so

oh my gosh this has got to be one of the cutest dogs i have ever seen!

This pint-sized kitchen goes to show you needn’t be nervous about mixing up your materials in a small space. Keep to a neutral colour palette and go to town with reclaimed wood, ceramic metro tiles, copper – anything goes. The use of cladding will also give your kitchen a cosy cabin feel, as supposed to just being plain old small. A handsome dish, indeed. #refinery29

5 Romantic Things To Do In Tenerife

5 romantic things to do in Tenerife. Make the most of your villa holiday by doing some reare a must!search into what to see on the island, these top tips

Meet the two-month-old white marble fox cub who thinks she’s a puppy

OMG. I am in Love with this little white fox named Rylai.

Such a beautiful eye. The eye is the window of the soul--even for this little one!

My lil cinnamon roll Sherlock smiling at his godchild

I love the idea of a tooth fairy door, will defo be doing this!