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Artists: Sharyn Namnath, Amy Gallaher, David "Two Hawk" Glazier, Mark Cummings, Photo by Joy Phoenix. Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival San Rafael, California 2010

Tori no Ichi festival, Asakusa, Tokyo . Buying Kumade (rake of good fortune) will bring in money and good fortune for the coming year for business. The bigger the rake, the more properous your business will be.


Girls Dressed in Kimono, Shichi-Go-San Festival (Festival for Three, Five, Seven Year Old Children)

Shichi-go-san Festival; "Shichi Go San" means "Seven Five Three". Girls of age three and seven and boys of age three and five are celebrated on Shichigosan, and it is prayed for their good health and growth. Shichigosan takes place on November 15 and is not a national holiday. On November 15 or the closest weekend, the young people visit a Shinto Shrine dressed up in kimono.