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My neighbor has a gourd bird house hanging from her oak tree. Wrens are nesting there and sometimes they visit me.

Luxury dog-friendly accommodation in Trelion, Cornwall

from Delicious from scratch

Mushroom Wellington with spinach

Mushroom Wellington with Spinach & Spelt Pastry - super impressive vegan entree for Christmas (includes full vegan ingredient substitutions) |

This is why I want an old post box to put in my bramble hedge as a feature xx

Bramble Dress by IsabelKnowles on Etsy More

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How to teach about harvest – without using corn dollies!

Previous pinner: "European harvest mouse, Micromys minutus, enjoying blackberries. At only 6 grams, this little guy is the smallest rodent in Europe." ... ... Note to self: Google whether there is a difference between harvest mouse & dormouse. :-)