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Aww <3

Aww <3

There's a few others that are very important to me but he is also one of them.. One of my life goals is to meet him.. Hug him.. Get to know him.. - Sabrina

He is my entire world I’d do anything to cherish the feeling of hugging him and knowing he approves of my existence (sounds impossible though but NEVER SAY NEVER)

That awkward moment when you're jealous of Justin's house...

Media: "Justin Bieber's house is full of drugs and he always takes them" In reality:

Ik I've pinned this over one thousand times , but every time I look at it, it makes me laugh . I LOVE THIS

Gosh I wish this could happen, it would be so awesome in every way, the main is that IM DATING Justin, and the other to prove every jerk at my school that being a Belieber is loving him forever, and never giving that up.