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BOOKTRYST: The Shocking Hard-Boiled World Of Librarians!

Title change & additions make for fun fake cover based on actual book "Dearest Mama" 1960 by Walewska. Original Cover art by Darcy (Ernest Chiriaka)}

Reasons I don't miss working in public libraries LOL

Another pinner wrote: Professional Librarian Book Collection. Hemingway just rolled over. You know, it would be funny to make posters like this for the department. Maybe not this specific one, but library-themed book covers. It would be good for a laugh.

library return

Are you in need of some dates? Well, you're in luck. Here's some fun for crafting from my ephemera stash--vintage library book due dates stamped by the hands of school librarians on the front piece to "A True Book of Plants We Know.

The Reference Question That Would Not End | Professional Library Literature | dime novel parodies

Professional Library Literature - The Reference Question That Would Not End. Oh, the horror!

Professional Library Literature : simplebooklet.com

z- Professional Literature for Librarians, Same Question Every Day

'Message coming through from Star Fleet Command, Captain' I remember working with similar device which photographed book along with reader's ticket back in from: 19 Vintage Photographs Of Stylin' Librarians

Hang/frame in library by circ desk

His books to the library. Little poster that belongs at the entrance to my library as a reminder for kids who pass by! summer reading 2015 every hero has a story

BOOKTRYST: The Shocking Hard-Boiled World Of Librarians!

by Stephen J. Gertz They take no guff from deadbeats. Original cover art by Casey Jones for Crackers in Bed by Vic Fredericks.