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This is insane... How?                                                                                                                                                      More

These hyper-realistic paintings by Spanish artist Josep Moncada Juaneda have me yearning for a refreshing dip in the pool. Take A Dip - Josep Moncada Juaneda

Michael & Inessa Garmash Tumblr

Original Painting, Morning Reflection by Michael & Inessa Garmash. Not only is their artwork gorgeous but their own personal love stories behind the paintings as well - a couple creating artwork together - how much better can it get?

Estes quadros com ilusões de ótica vão confundir você [galeria] - Mega Curioso                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Estes quadros com ilusões de ótica vão confundir você [galeria]

Amazing Saatchi Online Artist: Tigran Tsitoghdzyan - Oil painting, "Mirror", S)

Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Eric Zener https://www.facebook.com/GrowingsNotDrawings

Incríveis pinturas hiperrealistas de Eric Zener

Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Eric Zener Going through it the first time I was like 'okay, random photos of people swimming.


Want thisssssss Artist : Claire Elan. Original Oil Painting On Wood Panel, Framed. x (size is for the painting without the frame).

Andre Khon-Nous sommes ensemble  Uno de esos cuadros que me encantarían que me regalaran, aunque fuera San Valentin

I had to pin this because it speaks to something visceral inside me and it beautifully emotes the essence of dance - wonderful art : Artist: Andre Kohn

Realistic finger paintings by Zaria Forman

Our hands are amazing built-in tools. Zaria Forman takes finger painting to a whole new level. What will your own fingertips create in the Paint Studio?

shu84: Thomas Saliot Paintings

Street light - Thomas Saliot (Parisienne) I am quite enjoying the images of people walking away, this is another eye catching one, loving the heels and the shadow, i feel it's dusk. Nice feel about it.

Dino Tomic uses ordinary table salt to create a drawing of the human eye, truly revealed once the colors are inverted.

Drawing of an Eye Created with Salt Has a Realistic Reveal When Colors Are Inverted

Artist Dino Tomic creates detailed drawings using a material that’s a staple of any cupboard: table salt. Filling a plastic squirt bottle with the ubiquito

Captivating Artists: Zaria Forman | *Lovely Clusters - The Pretty Blog

I just came across the work of Zaria Forman from Steller and I am utterly inspired and fascinated by the beauty of her art.

Joshua Miels, Paintings. Australian artist Joshua... - SUPERSONIC ART

Artist Joshua Miels' textured paintings pop off the canvas with multicoloured brilliance. Through intricate layering techniques, his vivid painti