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Wood poles form a simple overhead structure that supports climbing roses and wisteria and shades a pea-gravel patio edged with boxwood and white foxgloves. | Photo: Marion Brenner | http://thisoldhouse.com

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

I will have a gravel patio someday. cottage garden with pergola of wood poles that supports climbing roses, wisteria over pea-gravel patio edged with boxwood

Relaxing outdoor space

Enveloping greenery promotes relaxation for both eyes and spirit in a shady retreat paved with brick and bordered with pea gravel. - A pergola is a BIG must for my garden. perhaps near a swimming pool, though.

Sunken trampoline how-to, awesome! by lea

we have a ground level jolly jumper (mini trampoline) but I would love one of these! a ground level (sunken) trampoline - this is very cool, safer, and easier to play on. my love it! maybe we can do one someday.

sport life: Breathtaking Natural Swimming Pools

Natural landscape architect and garden designer Michael Littlewood of Somerset, UK. Designer of natural swimming pools. Author of Natural Swimming Pools, Inspiration for Harmony with Nature, available on his website.

English Cottage Decorating | The Elements of an English/Cottage Garden « Home Decor Village News!

The Elements of an English/Cottage Garden

Flower choices for cottage gardening are endless. The classics such as primose, hydrangea, violets and daisies continue to be favorites, but new perennials and ornamental grasses have also found a place in today's cottage gardens.

Plantes qui cascadent de la terrasse

♂ Vertical garden green living wall Museum of Jurassic Technology, Los Angeles, California. I love a courtyard.