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Yeah can we highlight 'Don't correct other dancers, that's the teachers job.' and 'Nobody wants your feedback on the choreography.' Gonna highlight and mail to the dancers at Ballet Ariel

We encourage all our students and families to check out this extensive list to learn or refresh your memories on standard studio rules of courtesy.

How to talk to your accompanist at an audition

Notes On Notes: Talking To Your Audition Accompanist

Singers: How to talk to your audition accompanist. This is a MUST read for voice teachers and vocalists who are preparing for auditions!

Gloves should be worn on the streets of cities and large town, when going to church, to a luncheon, dinner or reception; a dance, a wedding or an official function. They are also worn to a restaurant and in the theater. Smart women usually wear gloves while travelling on a train or plane … or in any public conveyance. On formal occasions, gloves are worn by the guests and by the hostess, while she is receiving.

Old school glove etiquette. One never knows when glove etiquette will be needed!

the ten rules of concert etiquette

the ten rules of concert etiquette - these might be phrased a bit too snarkily for some of the parents in my school, but the concepts are GREAT. Maybe if we make it into a cartoon.

Perfect Audience Poster FREEBIE

Display this fun chalkboard poster in your classroom to discuss proper concert etiquette. Poster is 8 inches by 11 inches.

Belly dance

Does Your Teacher Have Your Best Interests at Heart?

Monologueaudition.com - This website has a lot of helpful tips about cold readings for students and professional actors.

Talent Agent Richard Gorman Explains The Do’s and Don’ts Of An Actor’s Resume