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from e.a. deverell

Your Life Themes (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

What are some themes that repeat in your life? How can you use them in your writing?

from e.a. deverell

Worldbuilding Worksheet: Magic

Wave your wand (or pencil) over this writing worksheet to create your magic system. Any muggle can do it!

from e.a. deverell

Rites & Rituals (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Rites and rituals are SO helpful in worldbuilding a strange culture. This writing worksheet is great for brainstorming.

Antique Victorian - Circular Bohemian Lithyalin Chatelaine Perfume Scent Bottle

Life figure drawing styles- adara snchez anguiano+

There is much more to Art than direct representation; it's not about projecting or replicating the likeness of the figure but trying to capture the inner essence and personality... Sometimes relationships between both the Artist and the figure are projected onto the painting.