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scalestails: a-fucking-nuisance: I was trying to get a photo of all of my baby crested geckos on my hand and I managed to get very lucky with my timing, this is quite possibly the funniest photo I’ve ever taken. He scream.

myelvenkingdom: My very first worbla creation is finished! A sturdy elven bracer (made up the design on a whim) I’ve been sooo busy with my etsy store ( ), but I finally brushed on the last coats of paint this evening! (And now I kinda wanna make a matching pauldron!) Taken with (Instagram) Feel free to follow me here as well!I post personal pictures of yours truly, my art, daily life and my ever so epic adventures :) My username: Tathariel

Ive always been in love with this famous photograph of Julia Stephen (1846–1895), a renowned beauty in her day according to Wikipedia (I can see why) and mother of Virginia Stephen who would later become better known as Virginia Woolf. The photograph was taken by the celebrated Victorian photography pioneer (all the more so since she was a woman) Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879).

Fred Herzog 1960. "I take pride in saying these are all how we looked, not how we wanted to look, or staged. You cannot stage pictures. That is something I have many many times defended. People say, ‘Well you can stage that.’ I say, ‘No you cannot, and I can prove it to you.’ Many times over, I’ve taken a second shot after [some] kids have seen me, and nothing. It’s a different picture." -Fred Herzog