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Will Be Back! | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - The temple of life gets marooned sometimes. But soon the tide will ebb and you will be back on track for another round. The tides come and go. Know that.

Turning off the Mind! | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - We can shut off the eyes so as not to see,shut the ears so as not to hear,shut of nose to stop the smell,shut of mouth to stop the bakwas,shut off touching to shut off the touch! Now where is the switch of that ever restless mind??

Glass of Ignorance | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - When you wear red colour glasses, the world appears red to you. Your mind and senses with your intellect taint the objects around you. With a pure mind which is not tainted see the Lords creation and you will be blissful and find Him in everything.

In the NOW | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - You can see the horizon Yet you can't reach it. It appears within grasp. But disappears as you near it. Stop focusing on achievements. Start filling gaps in the Now.

For You | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - Everyone believes that they are singled out for criticism but the truth of the matter is, everyone IS singled out!!! The words which you read are meant for you alone. So don't you ever forget that YOU need to implement and change alone!

Big Picture | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - Somethings that interest you. Appear very near, yet we forget that they are big part of a bigger picture.

Obedience | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - When the master puts his disciples to test even the exalted amongst them fails. No one could eat the dead body, except Angad dev when asked by Guru Nanak to do so. It turned to halwa. Angad became Nanak's successor!

Lonely Boat | Quote Shots | KrsnaKnows - We are all like this lonely boat in rocky sea of life, trying to reach the shore! Not knowing what the shore has in store for us!