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Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

sweet maine coon kitten - Louis does this all the time. So cute!

Maine Coon.... I have a Maine Coon, and yes- he is this pretty. :D

"Albino bobcat" - While this isn't a fake cat, it *isn't* a bobcat. It's just a white Maine Coon breed domestic cat. Also, if you go to the Flickr site the image is originally from, it says nothing about the cat being a bobcat and is even tagged "Maine coon".

from BuzzFeed

14 Cats Who Tried To Help You Cook

If I was ever going to get a cat, it would have to be the Newfoundland of the cat world the Maine Coon Cat.:-)

Maineflame Brian Barou ~ a gorgeous Maine Coon Cat ~ Photographer: Jaime Carter

Maine Coon. I totally want a Maine coon someday you think you do mine is 20lbs of satin... fixed declawed still the devil.