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Yumi Okita Moths always bring up memories of summer nights with pulsating clouds of fluttery wings swarming the lights by the door…and the subsequent shrieking that breaks the quiet as I flail my arms a…

Huh. Amazing. But did anyone else catch that pun? It was punderful.

(Sorry for the languag) yep, because of the metallic backing and the silvering on the reflective surface

Breaking bad characters

Tributo ilustrado a Breaking Bad

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Every person is born a twin. Your twin died at birth; the government is t sure which one you are. They make their best guess and send you to one of the territories when you turn sixteen. They choose wrong;

Very cool to start off morning work with kids and it's a game. It gets their brains working.

Did this in my classroom. Let's test some vocabulary skills! Boggle white board game for Wordy Wednesday.

''There is no way to be truly great in this world. We are all impaled on the crook of conditioning.'' http://www.wheelersluxurygifts.com/news/i-182-style-moment---james-dean/

"Life is short, break the rules" -James Dean Happy birthday James