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Naomi and Lizzie are two orphan girls who happen to be best friends. They live in the town of Blackbird Tree and know pretty much all of the town's quirky residents. One day, their lives take an unexpected turn when a charming boy named Finn falls out of a tree, and into their lives. And meeting Finn is only just the beginning of the mysterious happenings. Meanwhile, in a sprawling Irish manor an entire continent away, and old woman with a love of mystery novels is planning something...

Things are not going well for thirteen-year-old Travis. He hates living with Grandpa, who has just moved Travis to a new town, leaving his beloved dog behind with no explanation. Travis considers dropping out of his new school, as he is no good at learning anyway. But everything changes when he meets a bright and unforgettable girl.

The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel (Hardcover)

The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Death, and a Boy Called Eel

Lemony Snicket is back and writing a memoir of his life in this first volume in the four-part retelling of his childhood. Thirteen-year-old Lemony is on his own, away from anyone he knows or trusts. His life changes suddenly when a strange woman chauffeurs him away to an unknown location. There he becomes her apprentice in a mysterious organization that no one knows about. They set out to solve a mystery of a stolen statue, and in the process, Lemony encounters...

When teen boys Dante and Ari (Aristotle) meet at the community swimming pool, it would appear at first that they have nothing in common. A friendship is born, however, one that will become the most important in either boy's life.

Poor Stuart. Not only must he put up with having a tough name--S. Horten--AND being the smallest ten-year-old around, now he is moving away from his friends, as well. But once he is in his strange new home, things get interesting immediately. He learns about his great uncle Tony, a famous magician, who has quite literally gone missing. Stuart gets caught up in the search to find his uncle, which becomes one spectacular, unforgettable adventure.

The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley. Lovely and magical. It's a book about characters who live in a book. :) I truly enjoyed this book as a girl. It isn't just a children's book though, I enjoyed it as a Senior in high school too :)

Fourteen-year-old Will Carter is back and he's made it through his freshman year. Barely. He's got big plans for a sweet summer spending time with his boys at the pool and lots of alone time with his girlfriend Abby. But things don't go according to plan when his dad recruits him for a backbreaking job in their backyard and Abby ditches him for an older guy (totally the fault of Carter's overactive teenage libido but... whatever).