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PAY ME! http://paypal.me/SWAG77/1000

PAY ME! http://paypal.me/SWAG77/1000

:- [me] prayer lines are always open :( -  feelingItTo

I wish Heaven had visiting hours. I would up there every day hanging out with my Dad, my sister, my Godson and my Grandparents.

I wish a couple certain people accepted this type of thinking. Just because you don't like something about the day doesn't mean you should skip the day all together. Oh well, we don't need negative people!

The Bride's Manifesto from IntimateWeddings.com

omg i love this! All future brides need to read this. Inspirational Advice for Brides: "The Bride’s Manifesto"

Try to get these images out of your head. You can’t. | 26 Times Tom Hiddleston Made You Wish He Were Yours In 2014

Try to get these images out of your head. You can't.

Today's Man Candy Monday at TDF is the charming and utterly delicious Tom Hiddleston.

Not sure who this is but I sure do wish he was sipping coffee with me!

Coffee Makes Me Happy Tee