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Sandro Botticelli The Virgin adoring the sleeping Christ child (‘The Wemyss Madonna’), (detail)

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Looking for some fun activity ideas this fall for kids or for families in general? From outdoor adventures to easy crafts perfect for staying inside on bad weather days, there's a whole bunch of things you can enjoy doing this autumn and make as your favorite seasonal pastime. Head over to eBay and get inspired with 30+ fall family traditions to start this year.

30+ Fall Family Traditions to Start This Year

I love family traditions, but most of my family traditions are centered around the holidays. But, fall is one of my favorite times of the year. So, I thought it would be fun to gather some ideas for fall.

U.S. Presidents - "The Forgotten Man" painted by Jon McNaughton

[Patriotic Makeover] VIDEO: about the painting which talks about AMERICA and its fragile state "The Forgotten Man" - Jon McNaughton. Masterful and chilling.

How to start a family night

How to Create a Family Night

Learn how to create your own family night with these practical tips. Starting a family night will be a tradition that cultivates an intentional family.

Not everyone is going to like it, but you can shrug off that shit. Some people just don’t have a fucking sense of humor. But I agree with this I don't get mad at small shit like this as long as he not hurting someone on purpose or for no reason there are much bigger things to "be mad" or "get mad" about life is to short people need to pick and choose their battles more wisely if you ask me.

9 Rules Of Swearing For My Children

9 rules of swearing for my children - funny article about kids experimenting with language

"No existe hombre tan cobarde como para que el amor no pueda hacerlo valiente y transformarlo en héroe". Platón

23 Things to Remember if You Love An Anxiety-Ridden Person 23 Things to Remember if You Love An Anxiety-Ridden Person