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Working Mule: Francis the Talking Mule's country cousin!

This is not a donkey. This is a mule. It bugs me when city folks get them mixed up. Donkeys and mules have entirely different looks and personalities. A mule is probably almost as smart as most men, and smarter than some. It is totally a donkey.

Care for a Donkey Step 1.jpg

Care for a Donkey

Most brides dream of arriving in a white horse drawn carraige...I want a wedding burro

Wedding day donkey in Mexico. I am pretty sure I am going to need a wedding day donkey


Hawaii - 89 of Rainbows That Will Get You Your Ruby Slippers .


A Mother’s Bond Photograph by Klein-Hubert/Kimball Stock Mother donkeys and their foals share a strong bond. Foals are weaned when they are about six months old or when the next foal is born.

Two wild free roaming Donkeys

Two wild free roaming Donkeys