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The Dark Bear-Knight, na na na na na na....

This is Batbear. Batbear is an Asian black bear with Mickey Mouse ears that keeps the Wrocław Zoo in Poland safe from The Penguin and Killer Croc. Oooooooooor sits around all day waiting to be fed. Also, I'm pretty.

Batman and Bane....for Cameron, although he has probably already seen this...@Annabrooke Daughtridge

Batman and Bane.

The difference between DC and Marvel. I wonder why Marvel has been more successful.....

DC Vs. Marvel

Very funny :)

I don't even know why I find this funny Mascara hecha con bolsa de Subway

In you face!... you know before its scared... and now its awkward.

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I might feel like this 3 or 4 times a week.

Bane Vs. Batman. I wondered what would break first. Your spirit? Or your body?

I wondered what would break first, your spirit? or your body? -Bane (Tom Hardy), The Dark Knight Rises.

Dark side, ftw! We got married by him, so i'm not really allowed to bet against him anways (08-21-2013)

Darth Vader vs Batman- Shit just got real! (lol, funny, on the subway)

Do I put this under geek...or cats? Let's go with cats, since my cat is named Harvey after Harvey Dent.

Batcat and Two-Face cat. I actually just cracked up laughing two face cat hehe

Ain't that the truth