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That was quite a great show! I especially liked the part when you started digging your own grave.

That was the best part bitch, watching you dig your own grave.Hilarious and True!

Can we stop giving kids iPods, iPads, cellphones and other electronics......please? Though I don't have a sister

Phones then and now…

Funny pictures about Phones then and now. Oh, and cool pics about Phones then and now. Also, Phones then and now.

I'm going through court as my ex partner felt pressured into taking out a protection order on me.. by his now ex girlfriend.. I think she wanted to him to be bizie with lawyers while she messed around on him.. fucking crazy shit !!

My ex will always be the dumbest fucken bald ugly bitch who're and I laugh at that pathetic delusional life run by monkey fucks! Lol once an ugly hoe always an ugly hoe!

I'd like to post this on my desk sometimes!

Roses are Red violets are Blue, I'm pretty fucking sick and tired of dealing with you.

Advice Gentleman for Valentine's day - Imgur

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