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The Gathering Circle is the main structure within this Spirit Garden, and gives expression to the deep cultural and historic roots that link Aboriginal peoples to the Lake Superior shoreline. Its design reflects an adaptation of a traditional Aboriginal bentwood building technique

Norway, Howdie Mickoski :: "Once one has gained a connection and feeling to these places, one will notice spots where the legs (sometimes the entire body) will begin to buzz or feel somewhat electric. Others will notice extreme hot or cold spots, but others may get a surge of energy or clarity of mind. Also notice that the stones themselves have been specifically shaped and carved- and many of the stones will show human or animal faces that seem to project out of the stones from various…

Howdie Mickoski, Norway:: "A German man I met at a site told me he has been studying these areas European wide for over 20 years. He has measured each stone and circle, and found them matching various constellations in the sky, as well as being built with the mathematical properties of pi, phi (golden section), and various other geometric principles".

Peaceful is the essence of the meditation nook in your garden. Make it visually quiet. Comfortable seating, preferably on the ground. Shielded from the wind and cushioned away from activity and people, so you can let your guards down. (This is the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas)

Chalice Well Gardens: Woven Spiral Wall .... Red Spring, the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, England.