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"I need a little drinky drink"

Free and Funny Drinks/Happy Hour Ecard: I need a little drinky drink.

Oh yeah

I may seem quiet and reserved, but if you mess with those I love I will open up a world of crazy that wili make your scariest nightmares seem like lollipops and ice cream.


I don't remember much from last night, but the fact I need sunglasses to open the fridge this morning tells me it was awesome!

can barely remember those days

So true! A pintrest minute equals 15 real life minutes!

Boys fall for me- Because I trip them.

Boys fall for me- Because I trip them. lol that's the only way it would happen.

@Liz Dore Foley  cause you would do all the cleaning and 'other' stuff

If I was a Mormon Fundamentalist, I would want you as my sister wife - I have a few sister wives on my list :)