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Mend or End? How to Deal with a Manipulative Friend

~ easier said than done ~> takes a lot of practice. If "flaws" are abuse, then this statement does NOT apply... TRUST YOUR INSTINCT.

A lot of people I know should read this, then stick it on their forehead.

Our reaction has power.

Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. This is such a crazy thought, and so true.

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Oh, but Darling, what if you FLY! Hand Typed Quote On Vinatge Typewriter tattoo Idea?

Drilling holes, expertise... this is not what i want in my life.. and is all you can offer... Hell, NO! I deserve better!!

Teamwork-- Make sure everyone is rowing.Try to always be kind, but don't be dumb and look the other way when you are afraid to confront someone sabotaging your life. Just be honest about what you feel and speak your mind kindly.

If you care about somebody you want them to be happy even if that means getting left out even if it means they don't love you... now that's love

If you care about somebody you should want them to be happy. Even if you wind up being left out. 10 Beautiful, Pinnable Quotes From The Perks of Being a Wallflower