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12 Genius DIY Baby-proofing Tricks & Hacks

12 Genius DIY Babyproofing Tricks

Check out these 12 Genius DIY Babyproofing Tricks that every parent should know.

DIY baby proofing-better then dealing with a rubber band or tie when you need to get in there.

Fast repurpose ideas, quick DIY projects and crafts, and even quicker baking recipes.

There's nothing more important than keeping your little ones safe. Kids are natural explorers, so when they start walking, they would want to touch and experience everything around them. Therefore, you need to get your home ready to ensure their saftey. Here are some easy tips to get your home ready, along with some products to help with the process.

11 Extremely Useful Tips To Baby Proof Your Home

Baby Safety Desk Corner Ball Table Edge Corne​r Protector Cushion - TRANSPARENT. Baby safety -silicone corners to protect child from injuries due to colliding with sharp corners on items around the house, ie furniture.

Genius (and CHEAP) Ways to Childproof Your Home


Cats Toys Ideas - This would also work for those certifiably crazy cats that like to pull toilet paper off the roll. DIY child proofing hacks - Ideal toys for small cats

Tubs can be hazardous for babies, especially while climbing in or out. The Kidco Safety Rail offers extra support in case the baby slips. With 3 mounting posts, it is extra secure. Kidco Bath Safety Rail |

Bath Assist Rail for Child Safety - World Wide Shipping

Why swimming for babies is such a good idea and when you can start

Why swimming for babies is such a good idea and when you can start

Worried about those items in the fridge, what about a bit of 3M Command strip and elastic band

How To Childproof Your Home With Everyday Items

Everyday Items to Childproof your Home. Childproof your home with these everyday items and save money! by Kids Safety Network

Using a pool noodle or container is an easy and cheap way to baby proof your house.


Here are some ways to childproof your home. These tricks will bring some sanity. We promise.

Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe...I'd like to try cloth wipes this time around!

Learn how to make a simple, natural homemade baby wipes recipe with just 4 ingredients. Works well with cloth diapering.

These are a fews signs that my mind and body give me before I completely submerge into depression/anxiety. I'm sure there are more that can be added to this list. Please add more in the comments, if you feel I left out something. This will help us create a mommy mental health checklist that is comprehensive and helpful.

Mommy Mental Health Checklist

I’m very excited for this weekend. I get to visit back home and spend time with some of my best friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve had girl time and my mind, body and spirit need it. I can tell that I’m running on a short fuse.

Oh, I Got This!: Less Annoying (and More Cheap) Baby Proofing

Velcro cabinet doors: Less Annoying (and More Cheap) Baby Proofing - works great!